Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, & Ryan Woods

by Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, & Ryan Woods

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Theo Hilton (Nana Grizol, Defiance, Ohio), Toby Foster, and Ryan Woods (Defiance, Ohio, Pink Houses) team up to record new, acoustic versions of Nana Grizol, Defiance, Ohio, and Toby Foster songs, as well as a few entirely new ones. This project is the culmination of a fall 2010 tour that took the trio to Florida and back, including a performance at The Fest in Gainesville.

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released December 19, 2010

Recorded by Theo, Toby, & Ryan in Bloomington, IN in November of 2010. Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording in Bloomington, IN. Artwork by Toby & Ryan.




Word Wild Records Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Tennessee
i was on my lunch break; i almost started crying / for the boy at the top of the bridge / he didn’t jump, but if he had, he wouldn’t be the only one / who thought that he had to give in / and you said you didn’t have it all that bad / and i said i didn’t have it all that bad / but i snuck off to parking lots and playgrounds after dark / my parents’ basement while they were asleep / i didn’t talk with a lisp; i dressed like all the straight boys did / i didn’t talk about who i had kissed / and now you don’t really have it all that bad / and now i don’t really have it all that bad / but i don’t kiss you at the grocery store / and i don’t kiss you at the library / i don’t kiss you at the rest stop off the interstate / and i don’t kiss you at my parents’ house when they are not asleep / i was on my lunch break; i almost started crying / ‘cause it really does get better if you wait / and there are times now when i still feel afraid / but gone are the times when i feel ashamed / and so for all the kids that really have it pretty bad / for all the kids that never had the chance / maybe i should kiss you at the grocery store / and maybe i should kiss you at the library / maybe i should kiss you at my parents’ house / and maybe i should kiss you at the movies / maybe i should kiss you when we go out to dinner / and maybe i should kiss you every night before i fall asleep / and maybe i should kiss you at the rest stop off the interstate on the border of georgia and tennessee
Track Name: Cynicism
i once saw a sunset so vivid and warm that i swore it was perfect / i once had a lover; i’m not sure if i’ll recover, but i know it was worth it / then last night in the car, the falling raindrops looked like stars at some incalculable speed / then later, my friends said, “good to see you again,” this is a home to me / so i wrote a song, and i called it “the love of my life” / said, “don't be gone long,” now it sings me to sleep every night / and i never learned a lesson looking at my own reflection, but sometimes it seems useful / so i loosen my heart strings in high hopes of starting to find something truthful / cynicism isn't wisdom; it's a lazy way to say that you've been burned / it seems, if anything, you'd be less certain after everything you ever learned
Track Name: Old Dead Tree
it's in the east, and in on the killtaker / there's so much more than just one's needs / and this lies with you on a california highway somewhere / this man-made strip between the trees / and I found a new value in slayer last night / nighttime fits for changing hands / and it'll chop you down like an old dead tree / this dirty old town, I tried not to believe / that it would chop me down like an old dead tree / this dirty old town, I tried so hard not to leave / I wrote again; sounded a lot like last time / nothing stems from nothing left / but we leave in the morning; it's tough to know not much has changed / and that we won't be coming back
Track Name: City Sidewalks
on all your city's sidewalks / in all my nation's names / in falling stars and faces felt through faulty, fractured frames / in endless lists of nameless names / all bearing gifts of same old sames / taken from trysts of shameless flames, forever smouldering / i know between the lines drawn in your bedroom, and the ones on the tv / there is a place of which you're terrified where people try to be / you see the barber peddles pompadours; confused, we cruise convenience stores / for booze, some candy, social mores steal something from my soul / and i wandered through a night less contemplated / for a light less complicated, for a morning or some dreadful dead-end dawn / or plundered towards a light, now starkly shaded, for a feeling frankly stated / is for many worth as much as anything at all / on all your city's sidewalks / what were we searching for? / as oh, we tried to tow the line between beloved and ignored / silent and self-assured, i know i'm older now and able to / convince you not to cry / although we're colder now, we're capable to keep our makeup dry
Track Name: Clean
i find myself longing for the days when i was confident / we were so sure that we were right; we were positive / we thought that we could make a change in that parking lot / with every loaf of bread we'd find that our parents hadn't bought / but we got older, and some of our stomachs got weaker; we were growing up / we thought we had you figured out, but we were wrong; we were fucking up / we thought that we were learning so much with every night away from home / we thought we were subverting a culture larger than we could ever know / but i'm not giving up, i'm just not sure where to start / when the culture that consumes us does so, so wholly, that our subconscious selves need so much unlearning to be made clean / i want to be
Track Name: Gave On
if you do now find yourself wondering where to go / if you do find yourself wandering some lonely road in search of snow / or home, or whatever you chose / hung on, hung in, hung out, hung up / hung here are picture of the ones we'll always love / i wonder when, oh when, will pictures be enough? / and time means less and less ever since this begun / the years will all blend into one / time and again, i think, i hope you're having fun / gave on, gave in, gave out, gave up / gave me my first taste of, i think i've heard enough,” / and i am thankful that it taught me to be tough
Track Name: The Reason
we all expect to be up for the next time you make it to town / we all think you'll be there the next time we're around / but some of us aren't gonna make it back and forth, and back and forth / i hadn't thought about him since i saw you for coffee in brooklyn / and that wasn't even the reason; the reason i was there / and this isn't even the reason; the reason i don't doubt / that i was thinking about them, driving back to norfolk / or any of my friends on all their careless routes / it's nonstop, it's constant, making everything that i want / ever since back in columbus, even with us spread out / it's nonsense how constant we're building everything that we want
Track Name: Attraction
the first few times i kissed you, we were on playgrounds after dark / i was too afraid to walk with you to class the next day / the first time that i told someone, i was nearly blackout drunk / at some party in missouri i never should have gone to in the first place / i was ashamed, lying naked in my basement, with the lights off and some stupid record on / i was afraid, for some stupid reason, of what people would say / but now i know that there's more to a person than a body part / and there's more to pink and blue than what we've grown accustomed to / my heart does more than just pump blood / and attraction isn't anything to
be ashamed of